Monday, January 17, 2011

flowers, food, and family.

This weekend was one of those times where you just want to wrap it up and never forget each precious detail. It all began Friday morning my hubs and I waking up to this beautiful face..

ahh she takes our breath away. Well Friday Tommy took off work and we had ourselves a well needed family day of fun! Such a great time! Laughing, shopping and some great talks!! Then came Saturday and one of my sweet sweet friends, Katie Hooper Croom got married to her love Adam. 

Such a beautiful wedding and reminder of our God's love for his children! My prayer is that their marriage continues to be a Christ centered relationship that is spent with them worshiping our sweet Father daily! Welcome to the married life friends, it's a blast and a very special gift from our God. Cheers to you!! 

So after the wedding Tommy took me out for a date.. 
 We had so much fun together, it's amazing how much more you can do in a few hours without a crazy little 6 month old! (Confession : Lily was our main conversation topic and we even bought her clothes while on the date..we missed her terribly.)

The weekend ended with Lily explosive pooping in her brand new jeggings, which by the way are ADORABLE!!! (Pictures of those are on their way!) So our wonderful weekend ended with giving our little miss a bath. 

Is she not the most precious thing your eyes have ever seen..Oh my! We are in love with our sweet Lily Mae! 

  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you my gracious Lord for such a blessed life I am privileged with. A husband that is a wonderful example and leader, a daughter that shows me a glimpse of the love You have for Your children and an abundance of friends that I just love to pieces! 



  1. why hello! cute blog! I'm also a friend of Katie and Adams, I saw you commented on her fb with your blog link, so I followed it here. I'm a big fan of your cute little blog, and hope you don't mind a new follower. <3 I'm a big fan of those vintage cupboards down on the post below. :) too cute.

  2. Of course I don't mind a new follower! Bring more, tell your friends. Haha. How fun we know the same people! Small world. And thank you much, I am a little in love with my old kitchen, especially my open shelves. :)