Monday, February 14, 2011

vintage valentines.

Today was purely amazing. My sweet man took off work so the three of us could spend all of Valentines Day together. So this morning me and Lils made daddy breakfast in bed. Completed with heart shaped toast with strawberry jam. 

We made a homemade Valentines card too. Lily put her special touch on it. 

Right after breakfast in bed and some sweet hugs we got ready for the day because the hubs was taking me antiquing! Music to my ears! I love finding a good treasure. So I got little miss already in her Valentines Day attire..and oh my..let me just tell you she is just a doll. 

Ahh..she is GORGEOUS! Ok ok.. so we go shoppin' and we're having such a great time. Beautiful day, I mean it's the middle of February and I'm wearing sandals..amazing I tell you..amazing. We wander around to an antique furniture store..Oh my gosh, I was in heaven! We found a 1950's record player table..absolutely beautiful. And this is the best part...$25. Can you say SOLD!!! Here it is in it's new home. 

It's just perfect. The only tiny tiny tiny thing that is wrong with it is .. the record player won't work. Could totally get it fixed..but hello $$$$ ...So..instead my crafty, manly, sweet, bearded, project-lovin'  husband of mine is turning the guts of the broken record player..into a guitar amp. It doesn't surprise me one single bit. He is always lookin' for a project. Oh that boy. :)

Well our fabulous day ended with me rocking our little valentine to sleep. Doesn't get much better then that folks. 

So so so thankful for the precious people in my life. Love them to pieces. I live one incredibly blessed life and don't deserve one bit of it. To God be the glory!! Thank you my gracious gracious Father! 

Love those precious ones of mine.


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